How I Use Dubsado to Manage My Business

February 25, 2019

I just spent too much time writing this post that when I clicked "UPDATE" it closed out and made me sign back in. It was all lost, everything I wrote... Here's to hoping that writing it the second time will make it a little better than the first. Although, the first draft was bomb.

I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Dubsado last Saturday and today is their 3rd Birthday! I’d figure I’d write a short little blog post about how I use Dubsado to mange my business.
A few months before I signed up for Dubasdo, I was let go from my day job. Terrified that it was in the middle of the winter (down season for those who live in warmer climates), I decided that since I had no other plan other than to start photography full time after I was done working a day job, I would do just that. 
A friend and fellow photographer of mine told me about Dubsado when I was looking into other client management systems. After comparing 3 others, I ultimately chose Dubasdo because it was affordable, and offered everything I needed it to do to help run this new business of mine.
Once I signed up, I spent about 2 weeks customizing my brand. I started with creating a "Lead Capture Form" that I seamlessly was able to put on my contact page of my website for clients to contact me for whatever they needed. After that, I imported the different packages I offered so that I could make clickable forms that was easy for my clients to chose the package that best suited them. I was also able to make up contracts that they could sign online, as well as give them the option to pay their invoices online. This was a complete GAME CHANGER! The fact that I didn't have to request cash or check all the time made me feel as if I were a "real" business owner. Plus I think my clients liked that they can pay by card as well. Less of a hassle for every one. Once the important things were put in place, I was able to set up client portals which allowed my clients to refer to one page that had everything they needed in one spot. No confusion. I was also able to set up payment schedules and automatic emails. The fact that a client can send in a lead and they get a response immediately with the package info they are requesting has made all the difference. Like myself, I love instant replies.
The one section of Dubsado I am still working on (but do utilize) is the workflow section. In here you can set up what Dubsado will do for you when you have certain actions that take place. Example would be that when your client signs the contract, it automatically sends the invoice for the retainer fee. Little things like that go long way. I don't have to think about it much and since I am more of a creative, I feel that I'm allowed to focus more on being creative.

There's a lot that goes into running a business but Dubsado has all the stops. I hope this little post helped you out in any way or that if you're here just to read that it was informative. A little look into the "business" side of Merrisa Caroline Photography. If you're interested in a new client management system or if you're simply not sure where to go, click here and sign up for Dubsado now! You'll get 20% off your first year 🙂