I'm Merrisa, I'm 27 years old and I'm a lover of all loves - friendship love, family love, true love, pet love, loving yourself!
I want to be there to capture those moments you never want to forget.
I want to make the future you feel what you felt on that day, whatever it may be.

So a little background on me...
I'm from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
I studied at The New England Institute of art where I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Photography in 2013.
While studying there, I went on a journey to find out what kind of a photographer I wanted to be.
Needless to say, I figured out that I pretty much wanted to do it all!

I'm also married to my high school sweetheart. April 27th has been our day for the last 11 years!
We have two cats, Slim and Sara, and a large white rabbit named Mister White.
Along with photography I like to film things, I like to watch television, like a lot of it, and I love to travel.
I know, cliche but seriously! When asked what I want for my birthday (which is October 10th by the way)
I usualy just ask for -A.) Camera Stuff or -B.) Traveling Money
My husband and I travel for our anniversry every year. So far Hawaii's stole our heart.

Please! I love meeting new people and I be-friend all my clients, so keep scrolling and send me email!

Photo by: Keani Bakula Photography




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I look foward to hearing from you!

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